Cultural Heritage Tourism is about sustainability, authenticity, and inspiration.

We are an indigenous company that promotes experiential or knowledge tourism.

We are an indigenous company that promotes experiential or knowledge tourism as the main alternative to learn to preserve the Amazon, as well as the ancestral knowledge of the communities and link it with adventure activities in the Amazon jungle.

We firmly believe that we have the responsibility to promote sustainable practices within local communities and, at the same time, serve as a replicable model for other communities or organizations that face similar situations in Ecuador.

Our activities focus on developing high-quality tourist services that allow our clients to live a completely unique and unrepeatable adventure. Our only wish is that you can share your experience with us with your loved ones.

Our Mission

To be managers of experiential and memorable experiences, linked to knowledge tourism to promote the preservation of Amazonian biodiversity and the culture of our indigenous peoples.

Our Vision

  • In 5 years, Shuar Cultural Center was established as a management company of experiential and memorable experiences with a high commitment to the Kichua, Shuar and Waorani communities, promoting the preservation of natural and cultural resources. Providing our clients with a service with professionalism, excellence and comfort in each of their tourist activities.

Our Objectives

  • Shuar cultural center focuses on creating a sustainable proposal for experiential knowledge tourism that allows the preservation of the culture and natural resources of the Ecuadorian Amazon.
  • We focus on recognizing and valuing the communities’ support for our ecotourism proposal through fair economic compensation for the tourist services provided to Shuar Cultural Center.
  • To transmit ancestral knowledge and our flora and fauna in a fun and mystical way so that our visitors and future generations connect with their tangible and intangible emotions to generate immersive, as well as memorable, experiences for their lives.
Our values
Our history

The Shuar Cultural Center was founded by three prominent members of the Shuar people: Patricio Juank, Carmelina Mashumar, and Pedro Ganan, who have played essential roles in the Amazon:

Patricio Juank began working in the tourism sector at the age of 15, following in the footsteps of his father, Ernesto Tseremp Juank, a distinguished indigenous leader who dedicated decades to the defense and organization of the Shuar people. Ernesto was one of the founders of the Shuar Federation, CONFENIAE, and CONAIE, leaving a significant legacy in the fight for indigenous rights.

Carmelina Mashumar is a courageous defender of the jungle, a Shuar leader, and a custodian of ancestral medicine wisdom. Her deep ancestral knowledge has been passed down through generations, and she passionately lives to protect and share the traditions and customs of her people with the new generations.

Pedro Ganan, a young Shuar indigenous person, stands out as an activist and a firsthand witness to the impacts of environmental degradation caused by natural resource exploitation. It was he who led the initiative for the creation of the Shuar Cultural Center, recognizing the vital importance of preserving both the culture and nature of his community. Pedro takes pride in keeping Carmelina Mashumar’s legacy alive, continuing her tireless dedication to the protection of ancestral wisdom and the natural environment of her people.

Furthermore, the dreams and aspirations of these leaders attracted other key actors such as Marco Juank, Xavier Briones, and Heidy Juank, who decided to lend their support in the management and administration of the Shuar Cultural Center. Together, they are working tirelessly to enrich and promote Shuar culture and the conservation of the Amazon.

In December 2018, the long-awaited dream came true with the creation of the first Shuar Cultural Center in the province of Orellana, known as the “Shuar Cultural Center.” This center consisted of cabins designed with traditional Shuar construction techniques, using materials that were entirely environmentally friendly. It was composed of 14 members from various Shuar communities in the Orellana province. This remarkable cabin was located in the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve, along the south/eastern bank of the Napo River, in the community of Flor del Pantano.

In 2020, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic caused a severe economic downturn that affected all communities and initiatives related to tourism. In May 2020, the Shuar Cultural Center created the brand of natural products called “Tsuak.” Tsuak is an ancestral liquor that was promoted as a medicinal alternative to address the pandemic. This alternative significantly contributed to avoiding the crisis and collapse of the Shuar Cultural Center.

Motivated by the desire to preserve the gastronomic heritage of Shuar culture, “Jimia” was introduced in 2021. Jimia consists of a recipe for dehydrated, smoked, and powdered chili.

In October 2022, heavy rains, rising water levels, and erosion of the banks of the Napo River resulted in the loss of 15 hectares of land in the territory of the Shuar Cultural Center, leading to the total destruction of tourist infrastructure, including cabins, homes, and crops belonging to Shuar families.

In January 2023, the Shuar Cultural Center took a significant step by founding the first indigenous company dedicated to the marketing of tourist destinations in the Ecuadorian Amazon. This company focuses on offering an experiential and cultural tourism experience, allowing visitors to explore the territories of Shuar, Kichua, Waorani, and other indigenous communities, as well as discover the richness of the region’s flora and fauna. This initiative significantly contributes to improving the quality of life of local communities and promoting the resistance and protection of their territories through tourism.

Dreaming big is the first step towards achieving great accomplishments.