We produce our own products with our own hands.

Our Products


TSUAK is a Shuar liquor, organic and natural, that helps take care of your health by strengthening your immune system. Carmen Mashumar, one of the co-founders of the Shuar Cultural Center, carefully crafted this liquor using her ancestral knowledge of medicinal plants in 2019. Her inspiration to create this liquor stemmed from facing challenging times during the pandemic.


This plant has been a part of our cultural heritage for generations; it has been used for culinary purposes, as a condiment for meats, fish, soups, and more. Another use was for torturing enemies and as punishment for the disobedient; they would tie the individual to a log and fumigate them with this plant, the burning and itching in the air were their torment. As part of our contribution to sustainability and the preservation of our traditions, we have developed a new line of culinary art products, such as “SHUAR JIMIA,” made from peppers traditionally used by our grandparents, seasoned with Shuar salt and spices.